Rear Valance is finally on

Well after a phone call to see where my exhaust was :sad2: i decided i might as well get the valance on the car.

so much for a ruddy 10 minute job took about an hour to get done. supposed to just be a case of undo a couple of bolts pull off and push new one on.

ok bolts off and tryed to give it a pull. nothing
ended up having to remove the whole rear bumper to get it off. new one didnt line up properly thinking i may have been given a golf one rather than a bora one (will check part numbers later) had to take the hacksaw to some of the groves to make them 1/4" longer to get them in
ohh well parts on front one is now in the dining room ready for primer


the tailpipes now looking rather sorry for themselves hopefully this will be nicer by the end of the week
hopefully it should be easier on the A3 probably would have been fine if i had used the standard ones on
think my problem was the the V6 and 4 cylinder ones are different underneath around the towring area more cutting and the holes for fixing didnt match up so need to drill 2 holes in the valance itself and one into the holding bracket which will need tapped. guess what im doing tomorrow.
golf and bora do use the same part on the back its just the front thats different

also the rattle can paint is more a greyer than the reflex silver should be so hopefully will polish to the same

next up is the grill vents which will get gloss black
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