Really hacked of !. pelase help! :(


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mk II Punto 1.9
heya. as some of you may know, i had to put the punto back up for sale but yesterday i landed mysefl a new job :). so its ready for me to pick up ! . one problem its at my grandads house as he was selling it. He went to start it the other day and ..well nothing. Once again the battery is dead. Its done it ever since i put the cd player in. And as the head unit did not power off with the car i jsut assumed taking the front off would do the same, but it hasnt. So he complaining that i cant drive it untill this is fixed even though ihave said put the stock ehad unit in.

now hes taking it back to the garage where i bought. which is bad cause of the induction kit i have put on and interior mods he dosent know about :/ lol. how can i stop my battery dying. Iv read lots of articles about puntos doing this for unknown reasons. DAMN ITALIANS
Does it have an alarm? Even with the face off the radio could still be drawing current. Is the battery in good condition?
its more likley to be a wiring issue, i would imagin this used to happen on my old rover until i stipped every thing bar the seats wheels and pedals out.
yes its a meta system alarm. was added after purchase (not by me) doesnt seem to work like. iv heard about power wires in the radio needing and adaptor on the punto? is that all it is you reckon?
shrot term fix, pull the fuse for the radio when you park it for a bit or disconnect the battery. long term fix don't park it for to long without starting it. alot of the power drain depends on the power of the radio. since you said that the radio won't turn off when the ignition is switched off then most likely you will need to change the red wire out of the stereo. most radios have two wires for power. yellow is constant for your memory (radio stations, sound settings, ect) red goes to the ignition so the main power is cut unless the key is on or in ACC. You could also try throwing in a second battery just for your radio/alarm and the other just for running the car. you will need the dohicky (sorry can't remember the proper term) that they use in RVs to allow it to charge off the alternator but not draw power from your other battery. had to do that in my cousins van after he put in the dvd players for the kids. kept killing his battery when he was camping and such.
AHAh. is tthe random RED wire with a fuse attached to it that is flopping about at the back summat to do with it ?

if this fixes it il have a look at another battery. if this is the fix im sure it will be ok when i get my sub etc in to :s
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the red wire thats got a fuse should be to the permanent live the yellow should be switched .
normally yellows live and red switched but it depends on the headunit and the car
so yellow id foor turning the head unit on with ignition and th red does what . do you mean switch as in on/oof or swritch the wires. sorry to be a pain!
last one i did had; red (live), yellow (switched)

Just set it up so that the red (or yellow if this is the permamently live one) is feeding in constantly to the headunit - i.e continuous power direct from the battery.
The other one is linked, on the last one i did in any case, to the ignition, so only when the key is turned to point 1 on the ignition would it actually work.
one wire goes directly to the fuse board - this keeps all the settings when the unit is off
one wire goes through the ignition circuit - this is used to turn the unit on and off

at the back of the head unit you should find that red and yellow wires should have plugs on them these can be swapped over

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