Rattling noise

well, it mainly depends of quality of diesel fuel, if there is too much sulphur on it there isn`t enough lubrication which can appear rattle noise and excessive wear of high pressure pump and injectors.

I'm sure old diesels suffered with the new Low sulphur diesel because the sulphur was a lubricantfor the pump and injectors
yes, I will record it and get back to you all people...

infact the probes do exist as it do indicates an antipollution fault on the dash each time I start the car and when the engine cuts itself off, I do get the same message again.
Will an incorrect timed engine cause more sound that it should..?
considering the HDi's...

I also heard that advancing the timing can prove to gain in a little more HP..
Yes it will do definitely, so get the cambelt refitted if you have to although you aren't supposed to re-tension a cambelt

and yes advancing the injection timing will yield more power but on your engine the only way to do that is to get a remap

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