Rare cars on our streets


The Torque Meister
'98 JDM Impreza STI
Saw this today

Looked in really good condition. Haven't seen one of these for years.

Seen any rare cars lately?
Very nice LM, a rare pocket rocket...:) Now what is that to the right...I do believe it is a SAAB ;)
Saw a mint condition Lancia Delta Integrale last month, and this last week I happened to spot a Gordini Turbo Renault (5). Seems to be an 80's revival in our area.

They don't make cars like these anymore do they!
That's funny you should mention the Integrale wizzer, I saw a stunning example on Sunday at the Practical Classics Car Restoration Show at the NEC Birmingham. <B
On the highway on the way home from our annual Easter weekend visit to the highland games held interstate we were overtaken by what I would consider very rare car a D Type Jaguar.

FYI We leave on Good Friday and return Easter Sunday and the games are held an app 300 klm drive each way.
Saw two Mustangs and an RS2000 Cosworth whilst driving to a friend's this morning. Only got a shot of the second Mustang.


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Just been to my garage to sort a few things and snapped a few pics whilst there....

Forester STI.... yummy
This GTR was a bare metal shell when it was brought in. The engine, drive train, suspension, wheels, everything, was on the back of a lorry :lol:

The work they have done is incredible and the car looks amazing.
Estimated 600bhp :woot:
Another modified car they are working on, the Type R has had a turbo fitted, front mount IC and custom pipe work to make it all flow.
Plus brakes and suspension to help it go around corners better :lol:
Estimated 400 bhp straight to the front wheels!
IMAG1679.jpg IMAG1678.jpg
Triton Motor Sports.
Don't trust their website - it hasn't been updated in years. (They are on FB, but I don't touch that service so can't tell if it's up to date.)
307A Enterprise Way Aviation Business Park, Aviation Way, Hurn, Christchurch BH23 6NW
Phone: 01202 571564

Tell them I recommend them :) Might help either me or thee :lol:
(They won't know my moniker here but Tony (one of the three who works there) may well remember that I took photos and said I was going to put them on Torquecars. Plus they may well remember the car if the recent work is described.)
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Many thanks. Yes I've heard of them. I went there many many years ago with my Porsche 944 turbo. They had the only rolling road in the area back then and my garage (JMG who are also still going) took the 944 there to map the replacement ECU. That brings back memories :rolleyes: :)
Road trip to Nottingham this weekend.
On the way there I toyed with these Mustangs for about 40 miles. I asked the wifelet to take a photo on one on the passes and this is the only one one she got.

The noise they made as they passed! Wow! Love it.
And on the way home I happened to park next to this little beauty at the services :)
At my local garage again ;)
Under this tarp is a rally Beatle with a Subaru flat 4 in the back :)
That's as much as they will let me see right now.
Whilst this car isnt rare, the paint, wing, front bumper, side skirts etc, are :)
IMG_20181012_164253.jpg IMG_20181012_163425.jpg

I wonder what is under the bonnet :)
My last car was very rare on the streets and my "new" 2011Honda type R is also quite rare as well.

I think that many of the younger set will be somewhat surprised at seeing an elderly gentleman behind the wheel :)

PS my no 1 son says that I am 80 going on 18 :rofl:
always great to see the older rare stuff out and about, im lucky that i own an old classic and i have just been onto how many left as i thought there was about 500 or so on the roads and about the same sorn but no i was nowhere near and they are far rarer than i thought.
IMG_20190106_153548.jpg IMG_20190106_153537.jpg IMG_20190106_153616.jpg IMG_20190106_153604.jpg Afternoon ramble with the boy and I saw this.
A bit of rust in places, but looked lovely.

No idea what it is, but I like it!
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