ram cooler for Mi16


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Peugeot 405 Mi16
Hi guys. Today i read an interesting article about induction. THe were writing there something about ram cooler. I was looking for it everywhere, even tried to google it but i gaves me just RAM cooler from pctuning, instead of something related to induction system. Can you please give some advice where to look, or better give me some information, and if it is worth to buy it...because i already have KN 57i kit
Thanks buddies;)
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Not 100% but i would have thought it would be something to do with either a Ram Air filter placed somewhere on the car where the wind is forced into it as you are driving. Or it could be something along the lines of a Cryogenic system which cools the inlet to such a degree you need to bump the fuel up else it would run lean as a anything.

But it does sound like it rams air into the engine or uses ram air to cool part of the engine but other than that mate i couldn't tell ya. Oh and just incase, there is an air filter company called "RAM Air" just incase they could be refering to them ;)

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