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I've tried using the search and can't find anything that answer this as such so here goes.

Looking for recommendations as to tuning the 2.0 tfsi (EA113) to a road rally standard. Ballpark numbers would be 350ish bhp and 600NM (450lb ft) torque (flat as possible) Power is less important than torque - more torque is good, Not having a bottomless pit of money Id also like to understand the order you'd recomment doing these in. This need to be flexible and road usable and not a peaky all or nothing build. Cheers in advance for all the advise.
Turbocharger, and Remap should see around 350hp, so quite an easy power gain on these. You are pretty much on the reliability limits of the stock block there, so adding better pistons and rods will ensure this works ok.

Adding the other performance parts you should be able to hit the 280bhp mark and if you uprate the turbo to a KO4 unit you should reach around the 350bhp mark fairly easily.

A bigger Garret turbo unit would be required if you want to achieve power figures around the 300-600bhp mark. The TTE480 is basically a hybrid turbo based on the KO4 with Borg Warner K04-064 internals, also, most ancillary parts also get upgraded, so gives a nice easy power hike and is quite a popular option for most TFsi projects.

Generally speaking the 2.0TFSi internals are good for around 350bhp, the con rods are typical weak spots, but there are quality forged parts around for these engines that help you to lift the potential for power. At 400bhp the cranks bolts typically reach the limits of their strength and we would recommend an ARP bolt is fitted.

The main bearing supports are cast so if you want to push power beyond the 500bhp levels we would recommend high strength billet supports made from a quality steel along with a better bearing girdle, the key aim here is to reduce points of friction/wear and heat. The stock ECU is generally replaced around 400-500bhp and we see many people going for the Syvecs ECU which takes you to the next level in your TFSi tuning project.
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