Raining when it isn't?

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Hi Guys
I have put this here because i'm not sure whether it is a model specific problem or a general one that affects more than just my car.

My accord has developed a "Crackle" somewhere around the windscreen area that sounds just like it's raining outside when i drive over rough or broken surfaces

Of course, I can't make it happen when i'm not driving it and it's pretty difficult to try and find it when i am,

Does anybody have any ideas what it could be and where it could be coming from, i am at a bit of a loss with it


This is really strange. Is it more to the drivers side or passenger side? Check the rubber seals are all secure and properly mounted. Is any water getting in when it does rain?
It seems more on the near/passenger side of the screen, the missus noticed it the other day while we were out for a drive, I haven't noticed any water coming in but then it would probably disapear down behind the dash making the carpets wet if it was. I shall check the seals and the trim around it, that seems like the most likely culprit, thanks Waynne

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