Questions from a newbie (ME) enlighten me guys!!!


Corolla XE 1.3
1. What are the Basic 1996 Toyota Corolla XE 1.3 (wide body) modifications when its comes with the performance?
2. It still has a CARBURETOR engine, can it be swap or modified to a Fuel Injected?
3. About the new car models, I have my eye set on the new Ford Focus Hatchback Sport 2.0 6PowShift. Can it still be tuned? Performance wise I mean. (turbocharger)
4. Also about the new Ford Fiesta Hatchback Sport 1.5 6PowShift.
5. The new Honda Fit, the CVT system. Is it true that it breaks easily? how?
(SORRY FOR THE QUESTIONS GUYS! :) Just want to learn this eagerly from experienced car enthusiasts);)B)

The reason I was asking about the POWERSHIFT from FORD, is that even though you have selected the "S" drive you still dont have full control of the gear you'll still have to ask permission from the paddle shift to go to a higher/lower gear. How can you max out the RPM for the turbocharger and other tuning system to release full potential?
Here in the Philippines, manual transmission is almost not available in the new models, so no fun no more. Well it has it pros and cons here since traffic is always heavy. But the FREEWAY is always the fun part. :)
THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! please reply :)
You can retrofit fuel injection but you need injectors, fuel pump, ECU to control fuelling and timing and a suitable wiring loom.

An engine swap is usually the best an easiest option to increase the power of a car. Most things are possible given unlimited time an money, but few of us have those two items.

There are not many wide body kits available for that car. Flared arches and some custom bumper work may give the look you want.

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