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Well, lil after i bought my car i found a weird uhm, connector (not sure if its the right word, the thing you plug stuff into?) below the dashboard part below the steering wheel

I took a picture with my cellphone earlier after painting the dashboard and it looks like this:
(note that the picture is upside down)
I did some research on google and apparently its a usb interface thingie for ipods? i followed the cables it has (if i dont remember wrong, its 4 cables) and it goes towards the radio area of the dashboard, i cant tell if its actually the radio they're plugged to though.

So well i thought i'd ask here and see if you guys knew what that is.

For anyone wondering i bought the car a month or so ago i just never really bothered with that thing and i guess i got curious today hehe
welcome - your post got stuck in the queue because of the link, to try and stop spammers we have a 10 post minimum limit before pics and links can be posted.

it could be anything but looks about the correct size to be the obd2 diagnositc port.

not sure what teh car is as we dont get it over this side of the pond
I thought seeing how i didnt really put the picture in the post, i just linked it, it would work hehe

It could be that, i just find it special because it shows it didnt come with the car from fabric, it was installed afterwards, and i wasnt given any plugs for it or wasnt told about it
Do they have a high spec model of the car you have with more toys in it? as typically manufacturers using the same loom and just plug more things into it the higher spec the car is.

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