Putting a 205 1.9Gti engine in my 306, can it happen?

Awrighty everyone, im converting my little p reg 1.6 306 into a 306 1.9Gti rudeboy!, i know there are faster and easier engines to fit but i have a 1.9Gti from a 205 sitting with a fancy bottom end (my mate had it as a track car and spent a few pounds on it) so its the one for me.
ive posted in a few other threads (sorry to the few people reading all this again) and have found out i need shafts, hubs, brakes, back axle and maybe subframe from a xu engined 306, im on that just now.
Anyone any ideas on my engine electrics? and what about my keycode immobiliser?
Your best bet is to get an aftermarker alarm immobiliser and just drop the Pegueot one, this will also allow you to run a custom engine management unit.
stick a 2.0 vts engine in, should be faster, i know they are faster than the gti-6, just bought myself a xsara vts LOOOOVE it
GTi-6 always seemed to be slow, perhaps its the weight. My mate had one when i had a 205gti 1.9, the 205 just left it standing everytime.
dougie; I'd use the wiring from the 205, but make sure you have a complete loom as pug tend to make them a lot more complicated than they need to be - or else you could join it in at the engine bay before going through the bulkhead. last time we converted a 205 1.9gti to an Mi16 we used this method ran ok after a couple of wee niggles.
yes, really.

as far as i know the 1.9gti i had was completely standard (88/89 plate) and the GTi-6 was abuot 3 years old, never razzed.

(perhaps thats what the difference was, the list of owners for the 205 was about as long as the census so it surely had been thoroughly abused).
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