Put a k&n panel in my skoda superb


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skoda superb1.9cdti
Hi all iv put a k n in my soda superb and i just wounded if there was a way of resetting the ecu to the filter ?
Hi guys no its not put any lights on i just wounded if i need to reset the ecu for it but HDi fun will be right the mass air flow should sort it now coming to think of it.Cheers guy's.
Go for an ECU remap - I promise you that you'll lurrrve the torque. There's loads of fun to be derived from having midrange 4th gear shove that wouldn't embarrass a Boxster
Get a better exhaust before the remap....
also put the paper filter back in, panel filters are proven to do nothing at all and in some applications they can even reduce power output slightly due to less surface area

and paper filter do a much better of filtering the air and your engine will last longer and the oil will pick up less contaminants...
I'm not sure I agree. A good cotton gauze will filter just as well but imo the crucial difference between standard paper and uprated is that once paper is dirty it seriously hampers air flow whereas cottons will still flow well when dirty.
It still flows well because it lets more dirt past! Every single test of panel filters show that more dirt is let past and there is no increase in power.....and autospeed have proven that in the entire intake system the filter itself is the least restrictive part in ever system theyve tested....also on the dyno panel filters are shown to decrease power in a system that uses a paper filter....

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