Pushing my "bathtub" to the limit till it breaks


Amersfoort, Netherlands
2007 Hyundai Atos
Alright, I'm gonna need some ideas.

I've been driving my Hyundai Atos for a long time and I'll soon be getting a new car. My idea is to upgrade the Atos as cheaply yet ridiculously as possible.

What can I do with it, without having to replace anything on the drivetrain?

First thing I'm doing with it, is making it lighter. All chairs are going out (except for driver obviously), all unnecessary interior is getting ripped out, exterior lights are going out (as I intend to only drive it on a track anyway). etc etc etc.

I'm gonna get some cheap second hand knock off 15 inch wheels (instead of the default 13 inch) in a sad attempt to get a bit more grip.

But that's all I've planned for now.

I'd love to hear your suggestions for cheap turbos, possible chip tuning (No idea if chiptuning is even possible on the Atos), etc. to turn this thing into one of the dumbest things to ever enter a track.

  • It needs to be cheap. Second hand parts have the absolute preference
  • It needs to drive for more than 15 minutes before it inevitably explodes. Any more than 15 minutes would be nice to have.
You might struggle to get 15's under the arches unless you have quite hard suspension and ultra low profile tires.

A supercharger from an old Merc is a great way to add lots of boost, but you'll have to dial it back quite a bit by way of an overdrive pulley that reduces the rotation. Dump the aircon and replace with a supercharger (if fitted).

You could switch fuels? Add Nitrous?

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