Pump fuel and distances driven


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A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
I've noticed a big difference in the miles I get from different brands of fuel on a full tank.

Please post your full tank results and take a reading when the fuel light comes on for comparison purposes.

BP 95 RON - 365 miles
Esso 97 RON - 395 miles
Shell 99 RON - 415 miles
Texaco 95ron - 350 miles
Tesco 99 RON - 410 miles

The more results I get the more I can average them to get an accurate reading. If I do motorway journeys or unusual patterns of driving from normal I discount the results as they are too skewed.
I seldom run a full tank in the MG as it means carrying more weight, hence less mpg :p

Plus I am too scared to fill the tank of the Landy, tis a big tank that!
Mine costs about £70+ to fill up! I am only doing this for the purpose of comparison, I'm sure the extra weight carried is a bad idea for long term MPG.
It is a good idea as most people will discuss the merits of higher grade RON fuel against the standard 95RON but we never see firm results in comparative tests. My MG is only mapped for 95RON so I won't be trying other grades unless I remap it, it is on the cards out of curiosity.
Try it. The Rover MEMS units trim the fuelling based on Lambda and knock so you might get more power/economy from a 99.
I could have had it mapped for 98/99RON but at the time I opted for 95RON as at that time the MG was still my daily driver. Now I keep meaning to return and get it re-done. The mapper said he'd do it FOC as I have put alot of work his way. The standard map could learn so much but high end fuelling was poor, the remap trimmed this very well with optimum afr results. I just need to replace the clutch as it will slip on the rollers for sure! It did last time out at Goodwood, still managed to leave a ZT260 behind with a slipping clutch!

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