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Pug307 HDI & '68bug
Newbie here & sorry if I'm repeating previous posts: but looking for some help/opinions

The car is a 1.6HDI Pug 307 - 2006 model.
I've got a warming message "Risk of Filter Blocking" The car has covered 87k. I spoke to my local Pug specialist who told me I've got to top up the Elyos oil witch is £144.00 just for oil :mad:

Am i correct to think IF I topped up the oil, this will last another 80Kish, but would I still need to replace the DPF eventually?

There is a local garage who offer DPF removal for £240 in vat. inc Re-map. But I have some doubts that this is wise as it may be illegal and could fail MOT or be invalid on my Insurance (googled DPF removal) totally confused me :confused: :confused:

So my thought would be to take the DPF off now, and probably save myself a lot of money in the long run.

What are the pro's and cons to remove the DPF? - although I probably answered that myself! :amuse:

Thanks in advance
I think your best option is to remove it completely. It wont affect the cars MOT.
A remap is a good idea, but look at getting a custom performance remap to release the extra strength in the engine as well as deleting the dpf software. Being a modern deisel is will respond well to a remap.
Jake is currently correct it will not effect the MOT currently. however it may in the future, they are bringing in where and actual check for cats and DPFs must be present.
however if they can do a pipe where it looks the same from the outside, in other words the internals have ben taken out then you wnt have this issue.

you will have to tell your insurance however but you may find this cheaper than replacing the DPF
Hi all,
Thanks for your advice and comments. After a lot of research & thinking I decided to have it taken off. I just hope that it's worth the hassle - just had MOT, and passed with out a hitch. MOT tester didn't make any comments, i guess he wouldn't as he'd not really checking for it. Car is running much better too. Just need to sort out insurance now, although it's not really an performance enhancing modification, just changing it from "as built" status so I guess its up to them.

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