Pug 307 2.0 HDi erratic idling


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Peugeot 307 Diesel
Hi Chaps,

I would like some help/advice for my 2.0 90bhp HDi.
I have this car for a month now, driven maybe about 600 miles, in town, low speed.
It developed some kind of fault with idling... it has irregular idling speed, sometimes the engine goes turns off as well, or even worse, speeds up itself a couple of hundreds rpm. :confused:
I have read/ research this forum, but nobody had similar situation except one petrol pug here: *Removed URL as per our T&C's*

I suspect, that ECU started going on his own now, so maybe I should unplug the battery to have the ECU cleared...it is a good idea?

If anyone has a solution/ suggestion, just let me know.

Thank you in advance. :)
I see no one could answer my question.
I solved the problem myself after reading/learning.
It was the fuel high pressure sensor from common rail, which had an erratic reading. Easy fix but loads of research and testing.
I'm not sure if you are aware buddy but we are a worldwide forum with nearly 30K members. Some forums on here do not get as much interest as some of the other forums.
Might I suggest that any further diesel faults you may have be posted in our diesel technical forum as opposed to the Peugeot sub-forum. You will get a much faster and more definitive response this way.

We do have in particular, two Peugeot specialists who know these cars (diesel in particular) like the back of their hands.
Clearly you did not know that at the time being a new member still trying to find his way around the site, but you certainly do now |B

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