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lol they are a brilliant price IMO too, they look pretty smart

The BCs will be quite stiff though (although you soon get used to it). If you want to avoid stiff then the D2s offer lower spring rates and should be able to tailor the kit to your needs.

is the spring rate that you've got is it comfortable for driving distances?

It is once you're used to it. The factors you need to consider are...

- How good are the roads around you?
- How often do you get on the twisties?
- How comfortable you want to keep things.

If it was my car then the BCs would be fine for me. My spring rates are 7kg/mm front and 6.5kg/mm rear so with the D2s you could go for something a little bit softer. With the BCs it is set. But I can't tell you exactly what to go for as my knowledge is limited to BMWs.

As with anything it'll be a compromise. So you may have to slow down over bumpy roads and speed bumps, but country lanes become great fun. I like the trade off tbh because as soon as you get to the right road you notice such a difference.


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none at the moment
roads are pretty good round here not many speed bumps and roads are well kept. i'll be hitting quite a few b roads when i go visit my old man lol


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its like all projects the longer you have the car the more you will spend on will buy parts try them if they dont work sell them and try other parts.also sometimes you get the chance to buy parts that come up for sale for mates rates and are too good to turn down.your car will keep evolveing the longer you have it.or untill you get bored with it.or drive something faster with better handling.its just fun doing it and seeing the fruits of your labour.and cuts and bruises.

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