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Im always thinking about buying that miricle product, the manufacturers claims always seem too good to be true, and normally are, so if you have purchased a miricle product, please tell us about it!
Equally, bad ones!
For instance, has anyone got this "Osaka Voltage Stabliser " claims of 4-5 BHP unearthed and up to 9 earthed, for under 90 quid, surely too good to be true!
Great subject idea dude. I've been ripped off loads of times. I've bought loads of waxes that are meant to cover up scratches but don't. Air filters that give 10bhp more power which translates into a soggy drive at under 4000 revs.

I've even seen little magnets that you attach to your fuel line to change the molecular structure of the fuel and make the car more economical (OH PLease)

How many people have stuck 19's or 20's on their car and found they can't drive it round town!

I think it's worth mentioning products that have actually done what it said on the TIN! So I offer the following. Quad electrode spark plugs - they do last longer before fouling up. Panel air filters give better results that the standard one without the loss of low down torque. FSE boost valves are a pig to set up but when done right the engine seems more snappy!
Yeah good advice one the quad sparkers. Went into halfords to pick a set up for my car but they had run out of stock for my car :( Hearing that i might get a K&N panel jobbey?
Oh i have seen the fuel magets, stick on ecu chips, piggy back fuel boosters for 1pound. The Fse increases pressure on the fuel rail and seing as i havent got a good knowledge of them i would probably just abuse the fact if i put my toe down it will go faster haha, engine is runing lower on idle and soot is turning grey btw, i charged the battery fully up, so obviously ECU reverted bak to factory setting on reconnection of battery so gave it a good run with the ecotek set how it should be and i think everything is working in harmony now!
I went into halfords and Asked for some plugs for an Astra GSi and the kid asked me what make of car it was? He really did'nt have a clue. There are some knowledgable staff in Halfords so I won't diss them too much but it really is getting as bad as high street electrical stores.

"Can I help you sir" - "You and I wish you could" is the stock reply!
a product i have used and it works is called K seal it looks like liquid copper grease i had a turbo diesel i used for work and the head gasket went i put this k seal in and left it ticking over for about 20 mins and no more water coming out of header tank i done about 5000 miles in it before i sold it and i know the car is still ok as i see it every day when i go to work
Why isnt there one big engine modification shop at the end of every road!

On screwfix they are selling a 255piece tool set for 70quid, its an awesome deal, deffinatly worth it!

Cheers for that one, i should but i always worry about the head gasket, such a stupid thing to go wrong, likewise the cambelt, so much destruction in so little time... :cry: !!

99RON fuel at tescos mainstores is deffinatly a thumbs up, i cant get over the stuff! car feels like its gliding along rather than being pulled (as best as i can describe it) used it in my little 110cc dirt bike and this thing just wants to wheelie everywhere!
Haha Nick you nutter!

Another product I've been looking at today is the 'GMC Free Powr Unit'.. Basically it attaches to your throttle position sensor, and then you put your toe down it engages and stops your alternator from charging the battery. So instead of an engine mod which creates more output from your lump, it merely free's up power that is alreadying being produced.


The mechanics sounds spot on, and for 140 of my money, and 3-12bhp gains at the wheels, it sounds pretty good!

This GMC version is available for BOTH Cit and Pug.. Oi oi Nick!
Yo Freddie. If i'm doing a track day my toe is down all the time - usually on the accelerator I presume i'll run the battery down fairly quickly - the sparks draw a very high current from the battery. I'd feel happier with a switch ammeter and voltmeter and disconnect the charger connection manually - I'd probably forget to turn it back on and get stuck with a flat battery somewhere though!!
Yeah not really advisable for track day use! I think I read somewhere the battery would be dead after about 30mins if you kept your toe down.

But for general road applications, you are very unlikely to run it flat, unless you have a very heavy right foot.
As far as im aware at the moment the product "K-Seal" i got off ebay for a tenner has fixed a head gasket leak, which would of cost me 700 quid to have fixed at the garage, fingers crossed it keeps up! oh and everyone, you really should flush your radiators, the amount of cr@p in them is unbelievable!
Anyone tried one of those Ecotec valves. Some people love them and others say it just makes an annoying noise under the bonnet?

Put Rain-x on your windscreen and you can drive along in the rain without using your wipers (this only really works over 30 mph). The downside is the wipers will smear when you use them and all the windows get a haze over them every morning but this can be cleared by pouring water over them.

So overall it works well - its quite cool not having your wipers on when its lashing it down and watching the water bead away. But if most of your driving is round town and under 30mph it can be a real pain and the stuff stays on the windows for months!
This is a rated or hated thread - most replies seem to be of the hated variety - does this mean we are all being ripped off? :wink:
Sadly many companies just want to make money out of us and they come up with ever more inventive ways of getting us to part with it! There are good products out there but they just take a bit of finding and what is good on one car does not neccesarily work well on another. :wink:
the power of commercials.....
never trust the commercials, all they wanna do is sell, and they don't really care about you. better get something cheap and worth, i mean always when something comes out the first serie is ok, the the other series start being worse and worse.....
and don't go for brand names, go for what it is worth ...

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