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"Just sorted out my policy with these guys. Think they were the most helpful insurance company I have ever spoke to and would recommend them to anyone before any other company. Glad I could join these even left my existing policy 6 months into it. So thank you Prestige." Mr J, Flintshire

The administrators have linked up with the Prestige Keep Moving Car Insurance Scheme – - which is provided by The A&A Group Ltd.

We have a fantastic car insurance scheme for the members of car enthusiast clubs/groups, and that is mainly due to 5 things –

  • You are entitled to a FREE MOT worth up to £54.85 at any Halfords Autocentre when you renew your car insurance with us.
  • There are very few exclusions on the scheme! It starts at age 20, and includes all postcodes (excludes Northern Ireland), and all modifications (except nitrous). If you wish to insure a ‘performance’ vehicle on our scheme, then you must have at least a years experience of driving that or similar bhp car.
  • The premiums have to be competitive for the scheme to succeed.
  • We have an excellent phone answering system. An overhead computer screen changes to red when a phone call is on hold, alerting the Team Manager. We have a great emphasis on answering calls.
  • We have an excellent Claims Accident Management company.


  • 'Well I've got to say I'm extremely pleased with the service....extremely helpful and courteous doing exactly what they said they'd do. And to top it all my premium is less than my renewal and has £150 less excess too! I will recommend you to others and can say to folks on here, give them a try, they've been exceptional with me.'
  • 'Prestige definitely treated me right :) Beat all the competitors quotes and even found out for me about modifications, their value and even buying the car back in event of anything happening.'
  • 'Prestige saved me almost £100 from the best quote I've had so far. £550 for living in N10 is great price as I had to pay around £900 last year. I'd like to thank Dave from Prestige who knew what he was talking about with no nonsense questions and he was the only agent I spoke to during my call and he did call me back as promised.'
  • 'Quick, efficient, helpful. Take it from me, this is insurance with a human touch! I would encourage anyone who needs a quote to give Prestige a ring, what have you got to lose?'

    The main reason we can offer this scheme to you is because members of car enthusiast groups are viewed as better drivers which allows us to offer cheaper premiums.

    Please call us on 0800 3308057 or 0333 4001580 for mobiles as it can be included in any ‘free minutes’. We are open Monday-Friday 9am-8pm and Saturdays 9am-4pm and please don’t forget to mention this club when ringing as this scheme is geared for the users of car enthusiast groups!

    Please also join our Facebook Group -!/clubsinsurance

    Kind regards
    Free MOT with Halfords when you renew with us!
    Feedback -
    Prestige Keep Moving Insurance Scheme provided by The A&A Group Limited
    0800 3308057 or 0333 4001580 if ringing by mobile

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