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16 Impreza 2.0i
Hello I have a NA 2016 Subaru Impreza 2.0i and I’m looking for a way to make some more power without slapping a turbo on the car. I all I have done is added a Nameless 5” muffler for the sound. I’ve been trying to research what I can do for some power gains, and can’t find much for the regular Impreza. Any options?
Hello and welcome |B

I have changed over from my old turbo powered car to a NA car and IMO the best way for any large power increase is forced induction .

It will cost a lot of money to get big power gains from a NA motor whereas with a Turbo simply adding a less restrictive exhaust can improve power and torque by up to 20% (FYI been there done that) depending on how restrictive the factory system is.

My best advise is to trade it in on a turbo WRX and save money as all the internals will or should be stronger.
Thank you! I’ve been hearing that from a lot of people now. I have been considering trading it in for a while now, I just need to put the money aside to make up the difference. Thank you again.
Camshafts will up the power by around 10% - which is the biggest gain you can expect on a NASP engine before you go with forced induction. Even remaps only yield around 5% more power.

People often add induction kits, but these do not help as the stock filter is not restricted in any way.

More fuel and more air is how you make power and a NASP engine can only suck in so much air each time.

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