Post Your Favorite Pic Of Your Car

Thanks Waynne,
The DETON8R was my favorite last ride. Then I had to have my left knee replaced with a artificial implant and my 3 pedal days suddenly came to an end. It was a very difficult decision to give it up and go back to granny gears(auto) :-( But at least it is still a Mopar SRT with just 4 more inches of wheel base! :) :) It was a BLAST to drive!!! And still got 26mpg when I was gentle with it. |B
This is my current favourite, taken at Goodwood earlier in the year.

I got this car a couple months ago and my wife made this collage. I've changed the badges but other than that not much else on the exterior.
Thanks. It is a head turner, I work on it a little bit at a time trying to make more power, but keeping it looking good.
My Silver Pearl... Wherever I want to go, I go. That's what a car is, you know. It's not just the wheels and body and exhausts and an engine. That's what a car needs. But what a car is, what my Silver Pearl really is, is freedom.

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