Possible problem


Wrench Pro
406 hdi 110
hay this morning I had 180 miles left in the tank, according to the display,
Went to shop parked up. Did shoppin. Came back, now my petrol light is on and the display says ---- m
Basically empty... Confused and slightly worried now.

Also while driving the other day my hazard lights just started flashing
And the speedo needle was bouncing
I don't know if it's related to the above
Any ideas ?
Predictions of miles left are often based on last journey MPG, so a motorway run at 50mpg will give 180 miles or so left, then when the engine is cold and you are doing town driving the MPG drops and this will affect the miles left prediction.

The hazard light and speedo issue sounds like a bad earth connection to me or some kind of electrical short. Keep an eye on what is switched on when this happens and if it occurs in the warm, cold or wet weather particularly. Diagnosing faults like this can take a lot of effort.

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