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I have been smacked down on other forums for mentioning something that has been covered in another thread. I read a post on here from 08 or 09 talking about plug and play. The only thing I got from that was not to buy crap from eBay. What are "crap" pip tunes? I am currently thinking about Vishnu PROcede 3 or Juice Box 4. Are those crap? If so, why? I'm new to this forum, but not to BMW. I LOVE the twin turbo, and I'd like to push them a bit more.
Many ebay boxes contain resistors which fool the intake sensor into thinking the air is cooler causing the car to dump in more fuel. This leads to an engine running rich, it will usually be more smoky and will give more power.

It won't be long before the soot build up starts to cause problems.

Other tuning boxes have proper ECU's in them and control boost timing and fuelling and even throttle control. These are often also user adjustable and can be thought of as piggy back ecu's.

On cars that cannot be mapped they are a good option. A custom remap of your ecu is always the best option though as preset boxes can only contain generic best guess maps.
Juice Box is a piggy back. So is the Vishnu PROcede. I haven't heard any bad reviews other than from people who didn't change their spark plugs first. I like the Juice Box because it autotunes and the maps can be changed from the steering wheel.

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