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As has been pointed out we need to make it easier for people to find our donation links and the options for supporting this site.

So here it is, there are two ways you can offer financial support to help keep us running.

Upgrade your forum membership

So if you want to contribute a monthly amount you can upgrade your forum account...
£50 for one year or £5 per month (or £10 one off donation)

Just make a one off donation without registering

To just send a custom lump sum contribution use the paypal form at the bottom of the following link will allow you do that

Please help me to keep this site running for free! Donations page.

It also shows our current balance for the year.
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I just want to thank everyone for their donations, this has enabled us to upgrade servers. As Centos 6 was no longer supported we were forced to migrate to a new server but we've used this opportunity to tune things and have managed to make the site go faster.

Now to continue helping people to make their cars go faster.
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