Please I need help with my n46 bmw 320i e90 2005. PLS READ


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BMW 320i e90 2005
So the situation is...
I bought a BMW 320i e90 '05 with the awkward N46 engine off of Facebook Market Place from a dodgy looking guy who said it only had a misfire and i just had to change spark plugs, ignition coil packs and i was set. Boy was I fooled. So we did that, changed it all, got a new wiring loom, new injectors, new valvetronic servo motor, engine flushed, new oil filter, new oil and it is STILL misfiring. What could it be? Pls help I am desperate!!
Hello and welcome |B

I am not familiar with your BMW but you need to do a bit of basic fault finding to find which cylinder is misfiring and swap the lead over to another cylinder to check if the leads or COP is is fault as if they are the misfire will be on a different cylinder.
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gnska annarsvanligt fel att en tändspole är trasig.kan du inte låna en av någon kompis och byta tills du hittar den som misständer? Annars bör du ta ett kompressions prov för att kolla att ingen ventil eller topplocks packning är trasig.
You are likely going to need some further diagnosis at this point, a proper shop with OEM-level scan tool or something like that can help you diagnose, maybe.

If you know someone who has some expertise in this area (has a scanner and has the knowledge) you can get his figured out.

But at this point, until you can do some real diagnostics with a computer or proper scanner or at least someone with more knowledge on engines, you really are stuck because it doesn't make sense to just randomly replace parts, especially not when it comes to the engine.

Your only other option is to sell to someone else as is.

But I feel your pain, getting burned sucks. We've all been there, my friend.

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