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C209, CLK220 CDI Sp
Hi all

I need some help please

I have a c209 clk220 cdi sport 7G-tronic on a 58 plate
I want to put a 3.2cdi turbo on mine from another Mercedes.
I know from speaking to Mercedes and Mercedes specialists that the turbos are interchangeable.
My turbo is electronic and has the little black box (not vacuum)
Can anyone please tell me what turbo and manifold will bolt onto my car from another Mercedes?

Ps. I will upgrade the intercooler and I know it's not going to plug and play, when the rolling road tuning is done I will need a piggyback chip/ecu and they will sort out the adjustment while tuning so turbo will run and function fully

I really hope someone can help me here And tell me what will bolt straight on?
I look forward to hearing from you

Many thanks
Can the actuator be swapped over? That will make your life a lot easier. In my Audi VW world it is quite common to swap the base turbos over but retain the components like actuators.

The easiest way to tell is to get the part no of your stock turbo, find other models which use this and then see if they use another turbo.

For example the BiTurbo unit from an E Class 220 CDI used a 651090618080 which is essentially a Borgwarner KKK turbo and also fits inside a 250 CDI Sprinter 216.

I can't find a part number as there were a few engine options and regional variations but I'm happy to help out if I can.

A hybrid turbo may be an easier option, this is where internals are swapped, for example the 2256 internals are swapped with 2359 to give bigger top end power. With slight modification to the old turbo housing they slot right in and it will bold up as everything externally is the same.

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