pinto pistons


Stafford England
Ford Escort Mk2
I have had to put one new piston into my 2.1 pinto.
However, now that i'm about to assemble, i've found that the new piston is slightly heavier than the existing 3 pistons (approx 1.5 oz). Does anyone have any idea what the maximum weight difference is considered to be acceptable in this engine.
Many thanks for any help and assistance
I would replace all the pistons. Even a small imbalance can cause your engine to shake itself to peices.
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Thanks again for the advice. I've found myself an engine builder who confirmed that every gram of weight difference is equivalent to about 10 pounds of force at 6000 revs, hence my engine probably would have destroyed itself with such a weight difference. So I've had all the rods and pistons balanced and it'll now be better than ever!!
Thanks again Alan
That's good news Alan, try and take some pictures through the various stages for us and once you have reached 10 posts you can post them up on site for others to share. Good luck with your project! ;)

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