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So I had this Navman that worked fine, but then it's rare I'll leave anything alone. Had a quick mooch online to see how to unlock it, because it runs WINce I figured I could use it as a PDA too. Unlocking it was easy and quick, then after a phone call to a mate to see what programs I could put on it he said "Nip over and try this disc".
So I nipped, then uploaded the disc and was amazed at what is on there now!!! I have now got 11 different navigation programs including the original one, Tom Tom and Garmin


Although the most impressive has to be this one


This has 3D maps in the cities. The buildings are the right shape, colour and actually look like the buildings they represent.

On top of this there are also various media players


Including window media player


Then when you get bored of music you could always just pop a movie on(I just tried a short clip to see if it worked).


Or just have a wallpaper of whatever you wish


And of course pretty much every type of tool, useful or otherwise


So having got all of this working I connected an audio lead, 3.5mm jack to phono lead, to the back of my headunit and plugged it in to the headphone socket on the Navman. This way the audio is a lot better than using the mono speaker in the back of the satnav and, on journeys that I know the way on, the otherhalf can sit and watch a movie or play the games. The only problem is trying to get a big enough SD card to put movies and music on.

Still, that was how I spent this arvo and evening. I'm happy with the outcome. I didn't think for a minute I could make a satnav so useful.
Wow I had no idea. The fact they are limited to being just a sat nav put me off but having seen this I may well invest in something similar.
i want one lol

havent bothered with one so far normally just print directions off net if im going anywhere but seeing this i think im going to go get one :):):)

what was the disk you used? or how did you get all the other stuff on there?

The only thing I know is the disc was written for WINce applications. Unlock codes and programs are easily found online. I've unlocked a mates S80 Navman and put the iGO program on it cuz he didn't all the rest of it. I've bought a 4GB card to replace the 1GB that I'm using now. All I'm gonna do is copy the stuff on the old card on to the new card so that I can put movies and more music on it.

So if anyone has an S50 I could post them the 1GB card and the Navman would just need unlocking(takes 2 mins). The card would be free to a good home :)
Just as a taster of the 3d maps, this is Birmingham, Corporation street, even the police station looks like the actual building!!


How cool is that!!!
Just as a quick update, the police don't like you watching(having it playing) music videos, #!#!#!#! or movies whilst you are driving!! I had Fast and Furious playing whilst going along the motorway and got stopped for it. Tbh I can't watch a movie and drive, but my otherhalf was watching it. Anyways, as it turns out cuz I(the driver) could see the screen it could be distracting. The cop that pulled me was quite good, he said "Just turn it away from your line of sight and I'll be happy." Then he asked me how I got a satnav to do that? LMAO!!
After my little tug from the bronze I figured I should stop playing movies whilst I'm driving and find something else to have on the screen so I had a mooch through the IGO nav program. I don't always want the map on display, but the the speedo is more accurate than the analogue one supplied by Audi. I found this screen


One big ass digital speedo in the middle, the ring around this is marked at 0, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150. The needle moves as an analogue speedo would. When you are in a 30 limit the ring turns red from 30 onwards, it does this at every limit(not from 30 but from whatever speed is allowed). Top right hand corner is a clock, bottom right hand corner is the speed limit you are in, but for some reason, and I have no idea why, in the middle on the right is your altitude!?! I'm sure it's useful to someone. The left side only used when you have a route logged in, directional arrows appear at the top whilst at the bottom is a compass. Under the compass is the trip computer button which has 3 separate trip logs


Useful to see just how fast you went on erm "private" roads or the track, how long and your average speed. All of it set on a carbon look wallpaper(cuz everyone knows if it looks like carbon it weighs less ;) )

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