pig ugly

I think it looks bad because the cab side windows have yet to be fitted. Put those in and it won't be so bad. Put a roller door in the rear and I could get the Elan in it :)
That's proper fugly, apparently they've spent £16,000 to date, it's hard to see where. :blink:

My favourite line;
"I am selling my Mercedes motor home that is in need of finishing as my new career in television can't wait."

I must remember that one. :amuse:
It's a shockingly bad conversion IMO! I wonder if they are selling because it will be a nightmare to SVA it for the road?
To think what it could have looked like for that kind of money! if only the works had been done by somebody not wearing dark sunglasses! :sad2:
Ah! maybe his tv career is an illusionist and what we are seeing is mis-direction! All makes perfect sense now! :amuse:

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