pics of my powerflow Exhaust


just thought id post to see if people liked it also got windows tinted.
I like it :) have you thought about lowering the car a bit as I think it would look much meaner! ;)

Wheels look better black.

Is that a cat back system you had there?

What level of tint is that?
The tint place said they were legal that did them.Ive seen front windows the same as my rears on some cars. I really want to lower it about 30mm but can only get springs cant get a kit with shocks but dont know if i should just put springs on standard shocks.My exhaust is a cat-back sounds good when you press the loud pedal lol.
You can put springs on standard shocks, but you can only go so far.

Have you thought of a de cat pipe? I picked up one, second hand, in stainless for £20 from another Probe friend of mine before he sold his car. Mine will still pass emmisions with it fitted too, just, as it has two pre cats in the downpipes.

Old bill can be funny about front tints and they can test them with their machines too.
Its alot of hassle on mine for decat as ive got 2 lamber sensors one before cat and one after the cat. I dont think my windows are dark on front as you can see though them well the fronts lol they probably wont pass a light test but it would look crap without front tints.I would only put 25mm or 30mm lowering springs on anyway so dont think i need the shocks and my old punto was lowered 40mm on standard springs but it made a slight rattle noise on bumps.
Ahh, the O2 sensors on mine are in the downpipes afer the pre cats, and there's no sensors after the cat so easy job.

You won't need different shocks for 25 - 30mm drop.
Might get some next month but need to get someone to fit front springs as i can only do the rears its the allen key part on top of strut that i cant do as i tried to undo them on my old punto i payed a garage to do the front instead.
Buy/borrow an impact wrench. the nuts will come off nice an easy then without worrying about holding it with any allen keys.

can pick em up from machine mart for about £130, which may sound a lot, but if your anything like me,always changing stuff and pulling things apart it'll pay for itself in no time!

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