peugeot 406 coupe


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Hi was wondering what people think. I have a 3lt v6 coupe is it better to keep it standard or to do some way out customising. I am a paint sprayer, panel beater and have done lots of work for others but wonder if I will spoil this car. all reply's will be good.
Go for it. The lines of the coupe lend themselves to further modification.

A tasteful rear wing would work well imo.

I've seen one turned into a Ferrari lookalike which actually worked quite well.
yes the Ferrari is what I thought. the kit is a good one not one were you need to cut bits here and there. I was told just to leave it standard but I'm the kind of guy who likes to get the best out of a good shape. I was also told that I could not fit a turbo but it was no problem to source one and fit it up. bat out of hell comes to mind.

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