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Is there anybody who know where i can get a new complete turbo boost compensator for my Lucas Dieselpump
Ebay definitely,

You probably will be able to get a complete pump for not a lot of money now,
A conversion to the Bosch pump off earlier model 306's is a well documented upgrade, for a few purposes
1) Reliability, lucas pump are prone to failure mainly due to there incompatibility with low sulphur diesel causing them to run hotter which then leads to internal component failure.
2) Tunability/Modification, an engine with a Bosch is able to make more power due to the fact the pump itself and be easily internally modified by using components from other Bosch injection pumps,
3) Ability to run on alternative fuels, Bosch pump seals are much stronger than on the lucas so has the ability to run clean or even waste vegetable/cooking oil as well as processed biodiesel, which also prolongs the pumps life seeing as vegatable oil has better lubricating properties than low sulphur diesel, lucas pump can run biodiesel but veg oil tends to blow the seal on them, most people mix with regular diesel the the veg oil/biodiesel rather than just running straight...

So several reasons to change but if you're on a budget then like I said before Lucas pump should be cheap, to prolong it's life I advise adding a little bit of mineral engine oil to your fuel tank, 306 has a 60 litre fuel tank so per 60 litres 500-1000 ml should be enough to provide extra lubrication....
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