Peugeot 306 tires


BMW Peugeot VW T4
Any one got a 306 if so what tyres you running?

Mines got 195 55 15 but I've just been online to get new rubber and when I put the reg in two different sites say I should be running 185 which to be honest makes sense because when I have four people in I have noticed I suffer with rubbing on the inside of the rear tyres so if I go to a 185 I'm guessing that will cure this problem?
You can solve this by different positive OS wheels OR by installing wheel spacers IF they are legal in the UK.
Thanks, yes I considered a small spacer which would work as only need a few mm but was more surprised it wasn't the "correct" tyres but I have never actually checked before just replaced like for like as for wheels I would rather keep the originals even though they really need a refurb. There's very little in the cost of the tyres so I may look at the spacers just for the fatter tyre

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