Peugeot 306 D turbo - Mods

Some of them are tricky.
Have you got the theory cd?
It helped me loads when I did mine. It's more or less exactly what you do in the actual theory test. (well it was when I did it)
Well... I took some DSA tests before hand on the interwebz, and they were exactly the same. Just a few signs id never even seen in the highway code manual... I was like O.o Are these! 2 off passing though. Just have to book it in, and hope I pass this one.
Well... I took some DSA tests before hand on the interwebz, and they were exactly the same. Just a few signs id never even seen in the highway code manual... I was like O.o Are these! 2 off passing though. Just have to book it in, and hope I pass this one.

Then I shall book my intensive. I have been having lessons, but I am learning the same stuff over and over and over. More or less like a stuck record, its that boring.
I am wondering if the pug 306 2.0 16v 5dr 1999 is the same car as my 306 D turbo 5dr 1999? ( different engine ) in terms of size, frame width etc etc? Any help would be appreciated. If you must know :P I am looking for some coil overs, no one sells for D turbo, but I thought hang one... the diesel and petrol are the same car!
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Hey dude,

aint seen you on here in ages.

Yes they are the same car, and yes people do make coilovers for the dturbo but they won't list it as "dturbo because that is a specification, for example I have a 306 1.9 TD but it's NOT a dturbo because it is a trim level. My trim level is Vivant which is a special edition over late 1997 and early 1998. The dturbo and dturbo s and meridian are the most desireable trim levels with the XUD9TE engine in.

Anyways, you have to buy coilovers to suit any of the following:
2.0 8v
2.0 16v (any power out put)
1.9 D
1.9 TD
2.0 HDI
1.8 16V

the small engine petrol coilovers will fit but there valving won't suit the big petrol engines or diesels as the front ends are lighter.
even though the gti6/xsi/hdi had the rear disc beam on it the shocks are interchangeable between them so no worries there when ordering.

The gti6 and the xsi 16 v engines (they are infact the same basic engine) are actually heavier than the XUD9TE (your engine)

passed your test yet?
GMAX coilovers are rubbish, look for some AP, Weitech, GAZ are decent price or spax,
there are other brands but they will be expensive
How low do you want to go?
Also you do realise that you can select 1.9TD on demon tweeks.
Also good look with the test and work :)
Thanks matey! Ive been passing all tests for a while now, so hopefully the real thing will be a breeze!

What would you recommend for some decent coilcovers on a budget? Low as in ride height or price :P
Ride height mate,

Thing is if you only want 30-40mm then coilovers are probably a waste of time. Then you can buy a better quality sports suspension kit instead. So how low?
Hmm I'd say 50mm 55mm 60mm. Depends on how it looks to be honest. I wouldn't be messing with stupid body kits. Sports suspension sounds good, but are they worth it if I only wanted it lowered 40mm?
The reason I say is that coilovers cost more in general so if you only wanted to drop 40 mm then theres no point in paying for the extra adjustably when you can buy a higher quality sports suspension kit for the same price...

Trust me 40 mm is enough any more then you'll run into more problems to address which in turn will cost more
Right, another reason to hate the DSA... I couldnt do my test as my paper half was RIPPED! and the fat guy said he couldn't read it! I was very very angry.

Okay, in that case then I'll need a tad help finding and choosing the correct parts. I am a noob at this, remember? ;)
ah Ok... Would euro car parts or demon tweeks do the kits? I will look around. Mum can afford to put her lovely little saxo on the road now, so more modding can be done!! I whacked in a new air filter, and suprised how much faster, and how much quicker the turbo spooled. Dropped to 3rd, ( overtaking a granny ) from 40 to around 70 or so, very quickly.... shift to forth and I was gob smacked. Can't wait to actually tune the car.

I also gave her a wash, but I couldn't get the full shine, do you recommend a certain polish that will really bring the beautiful colour to its full glory?
to bring the paint back to shine did you clay the paint ?
if not clay it need time you wash it, this will remove all contaminats from the paintwork.

as for polish i like the meguires range but use them with a machine polisher to get the results. you wont get them by hand.

if your doing it by hand then autogyms SRP is your best friend. it wont get rid of any scratches or swirals but it will fill most
Demon Tweeks do them mate, Euro parts are a good motor factors but there lowered suspension parts (APEX) are no where near as good as Eibach/Bilstein
Ok guys... I am getting a boost gauge now for the car and I am curious what sort of vacuum piping I will need. Would a mechanical gauge work best?

Also update on driving. Still haven't passed. This theory is killing me... :(
Right the first time, best to put it in a little lower down the pipe though, your gauge should have came with a t piece so cut the pipe and insert in the middle make sure you use jubilee clips to clamp the pipes back on.
There ain't any holes in the firewall, I ran my boost gauge in next to my amp wire, comes out under the glovebox, use a rubber gommet and silicon sealant
There ain't any holes in the firewall, I ran my boost gauge in next to my amp wire, comes out under the glovebox, use a rubber gommet and silicon sealant

Explains why the amp wire wouldn't go through. haha. Just have to point point the exact location of the glove box in relation to where I am going to mount my gauge.

Also, doing some research on the matter, does a mechanical gauge really matter? and what type of vacuum hose would I need? Again, does it matter?
hose should come supplied but to be fair, it's rubbish, I used some 4 mm nylon pneumatic tubing, it's much easier to fit but not as flexable

and yes, you would use a mechanical gauge, due to the fact our cars don't have a MAP sensor to tap into for an electronic reading, and mechanical gauges are just easier to install anyways.

get a gauge that reads to 30 psi/2bar or more. You don't really need a guage that can read vaccumm and boost as diesels don't go into vaccumm because theres no throttle.
Any less than 12 then it will have a leak for sure,

But it even though people call boost gauges a bit chavy on these cars they don't realise that they are an ESSENTIAL piece of kit for tuning, over doing it with the boost can cause all manner of problems, the engines can withstand it but gaskets and turbos tend to give up the will to live if you don't show some restraint.... 26 psi seems a safe limit on the standard turbo.... But I'd still like to come and tweak it for you but not untill you've passed your test mate
Yeah, its shame chavs has given these cars such a terrible reputation.

I have an old friend from school who has a modified 306 xsi 16v supercharged monster ;p He is selling it :(

Superb cars though, I adore the 306's and have done for a while.

It's the only thing holding me back the theory, I am learning at the moment with my mother, so after I have passed my next theory I am going to book my practical, and pass. I'd be honored for you to tune my car :D Plus you will get £70 out of it ;)

I was looking over your 306 thread, and saw a mention of intercoolers... Are you going FMIC or TMIC? and what would the benefits be over each type of intercooler?
Okay my boost gauge has finally come. Just need to know which wires to wire the gauge up with. I want the backing light on when I whitch the head lights on.
I'll have to look how I did mine as I can't remember, but to be fair I would probably need to change mine for a better source. Best is to look for a swtiched live from behind the radio, the ones in the steering column aren't really suitable as they are high current wires and you really don't want to cut the wrong one in there....
Right... Boost gauge fitted. It looks very tidy, I wish I had a cable for my pc so I can upload them. I'll do that tomorrow. I mounted mine on the column, and ran the wire through that way. I was gunna look at my radio power sources, and such, see if there is a stable supply of power coming from there.

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