peugeot 306 catalytic converter


New Zealand
Peugeot 306 GTI-6
Hey im new to the forum. can anyone tell me if the catalytic converter can be taken out and replaced with a straight pipe ? Is there any sensors in the catalytic converter that the engine depends on ? if so what can i do about it ?
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For a GTi-6 It is best to leave the CAT on as you will more then likely fail the emissions test. You will gain a small amount of power from removing the CAT, but noting life changing. Best thing to do is probably buy a sports CAT if you wish for some form of performance boost.
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GTI6's has a lambda probe in the exhaust just before the cat, if you buy a de-cat pipe specificly for the GTI6 then it will have the boss to put it and then everything will run the same.

What are your emission laws there in New Zealand? Do you have to have an MOT like us in Blighty? (MOT is an annual test that british cars have to have to prove there road worthyness, I think I got that right....)

I do know in NZ you don't have to have car insurance.
No.... Don't do that, take it off and a proper decat pipe then take your cat to your local metal reclaim people, they give you a decent wedge for that.... Should pay for your decat pipe and you should have change

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