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Peugeot 208 GTI - P
All, joined the forums in 2017 with a little 1.2L and now have my GTI, slow & steady mods beign added first off beign a K&N panel filter, second a Forge Blow-Off-Valve (dump valve), then some window wind-deflectors + side mirror covers & little things, mud flaps & now an air scoop fitted & thinkign what on my big list I should do nest :)


  • 2023.04.13 - Mud Flaps.png
    2023.04.13 - Mud Flaps.png
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  • 2022.11.26 - New Forge BoV (First Mod!).png
    2022.11.26 - New Forge BoV (First Mod!).png
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  • 2023.04.30 - Air Scoop (comp).png
    2023.04.30 - Air Scoop (comp).png
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You've done a lot in that time my friend, it's always interesting to see what you'll get up to next.
You've done a lot in that time my friend, it's always interesting to see what you'll get up to next.
Thanks! :D Done a LOT of research and your videos and the forums helped a lot!
Next mod will take a while though, new custom exhuast with sports cat & resonator (to not annoy the neighbours & public) at800GBP so will take a while to save up the funds, maybe will get more small things in the meantime =)
So today I put one some Forge boost pipes + silicone hose, was a PAIN in Le Butt but managed :)
Top is now, bottom before.


  • Capture.PNG
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Update! :D
My suspension began to wear and needed replacing, so I had no choice but to obviously buy Billstein Coilovers =)))
Lowered 20mm (didn't want more due to pot holes and certain parking places at large inclines here).

[old standard Peugeot GTI suspension (LEFT) vs Billstein coilovers (RIGHT].
That's looking very nice my friend. Good work, all that time and money is paying off.
Thank you! and indeed so :)

Was surprised that at 16K miles the suspension on one of the strut's had worn off, but then again Peugeot aren't know for their reliability, and a good excuse to upograde.

Now saving for the next upgrades ~

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