Petrol prices dropping


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Have fuel priced dropped in your area yet?

Locally we have Diesel and petrol both at 102.9 down from 104.9 last week.
Sort of, some of the companies have dropped back to 99.9 for both - including a few of the "big brands". Sadly, Shell (the nearest) are still 101.9 - bah.
they did both go below 1 pound couple a month ago. now they have crept back with petrol at 1.01 and diesel around 1.03-4 :(
Shell and other garages near me (Manchester) are at 99.9 for both? Still don't understand how diesel can be same price as petrol. Is it that one got cheaper or the other got more expensive some how?
yeah noticed it was coming down, motorway services had it at 98.9 for petrol last week havent got any yet so will hold off
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sorry to be a downer but the oil price has gone up by almost USD5/mt a barrel in the past week or so - petrol prices will rise again in the near future
What a surprise! It's funny how quickly it goes up and how slowly the price comes back down!

When vat goes back up that will be another 2.5p on the cost!
Shell and other garages near me (Manchester) are at 99.9 for both? Still don't understand how diesel can be same price as petrol. Is it that one got cheaper or the other got more expensive some how?

I understand it's cheaper to produce diesel than petrol (most petrol comes from cracking whereas diesel simply needs distilling), yet for a long time diesel has been priced higher than petrol. Not sure why... but at least now the prices are equalising (hopefully, back to proportion :D)
because the government tax it more, my idea is that you use less off it so tax it more

They (the government) will tax diesel at a higher rate than petrol simply because it's a popular choice for economy. They even tax diesel cars harder than petrol ones for the same reason.

If road fuel was meterd by mass (Kg) rather than litres (volume) this would seem to to more reasonable. The fact is that a litre of diesel is worth more energy than a litre of petrol. That's the one and only reason that diesel is now taxed more heavily. A litre of diesel is much heavier than a litre of petrol.

As for emissions, it's a close call. From a performance POV diesel is winning the race, whtout a doubt.

But, with the higher cost of diesel cars and their generally better MPG (though not always) is it worth it?

I like the modern diesel drive with it's massive torque. But BMW has offered a 530i petrol car with diesel like MPG and similar driving performance.

The derv/gas pundits draw ever closer.

One thing that hasn't changed is that all of us who own and drive cars are being punished simply for owning cars - never mind using them.
Been meaning to come back to this - do not buy from Esso at Scotch Corner on the A1.

They seem to think 106.9 for petrol and 109.9 for diesel are acceptable prices (31/07/09) - bit of a laugh when the Shell garage on the Northbound Carrigeway about 0.5 miles before the junction (indeed, every Shell I passed) is offering both at 100.9.

Yet the Shell garage near me is still charging 102.9 - the mind boggles.
same here the shell garage closest to me is 101.9 one on the motorway series is the same however the BP garage on the other side of the motorway is normally 2p dearer.
106 is still cheap somerfield in lockerbie charges around this.
Great I missed it. Thanet prices tend to be lower so I'll see if I can fill up over there. Was that BP or Texaco wezzel?
Our old shell garage is now a Wash n shine place! It was from what I could make out independently run.
Shell are trying to drive me batty.

Friday: Petrol 103.9, Diesel 102.9
Saturday, Sunday: Both 99.9
Monday: Both 100.9
I bet they didn't have deliveries on all of those days. Me thinks they are hedging their bets and seeing what they can get away with.

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