Pessimistic and optimistic drivers


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Are you a pessimistic driver or an optimistic one?

Do you assume that there will always be a space closer than you think or do you take the first space you see?

Will you turn right onto a busy road optimistically assuming there will be a gap or do you assume the worst and plan a few left turns into your journey instead?

What other situations that you encounter might indicate if you are optimistic or pessimistic? & Which are you?
Not being a girl I am able to make a journey with right turns in without having to wait for a mile of clear road before I pull out. :p

I always assume people will do the most stupid things possible. 23 years of driving have shown this to be realistic rather than pessimistic.
I agree with Yugguy I consider myself realistic I know what my car can do and never assume I know what the other driver is doing or going to do or the capability of their car. I drive defensively so as not to put myself in a position where I am excessive risk; having said that I do not sit there waiting for ridiculous gap If I see it is safe I'm gone.

You can either, sit on the sidelines, 'n watch the bull pass you by, or you can take it by the horns 'n get get a hell of ride in the bargain.

No one is gonna stop long enough for you to make your maneuver. Make your presence felt affirmatively, and take advantage of the instinct of self-preservation in the the other guy's actions.

Don't you get a feeling of satisfaction when you cover a said distance in less time than the norm due to assertive driving?

I for one find a spot, announce my presence, and make the move, making sure that if an incident occurs, the Insurance Company does not blame me for it..(ex-incident manager, motor claims, N U... ;) so habits die hard.)

I guess am optimistic, with scientifically calculated practiced and experienced, wild moves.....

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the point you all missed is


food for thought me i like to think of myself as an opertunisist
Just go with the flow and hope for the best.
I won,t put myself or other drivers at risk.
I will take the quickest route no matter how many right turns that entails.
I try to anticipate and observe and get on with it.

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