Performance decreased after Head Gasflowed


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I have a 2007 1.4 Hyundai Getz. I had the head gasflowed and the cams reprofiled.The conversion removed 122cc on the intake ports and 95cc on the exhaust ports. The lifters was also replaced, but they are extremely noisy now.
The car have a Wildcat branch and 50mm freeflow but its not chipped. There is no increase in performance, almost worse that it was standard. Could it be that the timing is slightly out? Isn't the car supposed to idle a bit rough if the cams is reprofiled? :confused:
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Cams and gas flowing often cause problems, the whole job has to be balanced out for it to work well.

Engines only have a rough idle or are cammy if you go with a really aggressive profile.

Is the engine running rich or lean? It might just be a fuelling issue here and would be the first thing i'd check.
Sounds like overfuelling to me, the airflow sensor or lambda sensor could cause this. It may just be the injectors though if they are dirty.

You really need to get some diagnostics done, preferably on a rolling road or it's just guesswork.
The car don't have a Lambda sensor, Unless I don;t know about it. I cant see any airflow sensors on the intake or exhaust of the car
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Are you expecting the standard ecu to still manage the engine with those mods done? There lies your problem, if using re-profiled cams and a gas flowed head you are not utilising the full extent of these mods and the engine is trying to run using factory specified parts and parameters. It will need a dyno run to ascertain what is going on and when, then remapped to suit the mods and correct the AFR. Did a reputable garage carry out the work and if so did they know what they were doing? The right people would have known to sort the map out as the last step in the process before you took it away.

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