panel filter

An induction kit will be alright if you shield it from heat.

The top filter replaces your standard filter but retains your factory airbox.

The second filter replaces your airbox. The actual filter is usually placed here:


Obviously, for the bling factor you'd go for the second one, but the choice is yours.
The air scoop on the second one also 'rams' more cold air into the throttle, aswell as being made from carbon fibre, thus also sheilding from the heat. Looks swish too!.. Performance depending on the actual filter itself ofcourse..
oo nice.

i reckon ill sell me induction kit to a mate and buy that carbon fibre thing then!! sounds altogether better.
I'd just go for an open induction kit.. To be honest, you won't see a difference in performance on a 1.1 when using a 'performance' air filter, but you will get a nice sound. You wont get such a nice sound with an enclosed filter as the enclosure acts as a muffler. Thats what an air-box is actually designed to do.

It's up to you at the end of the day. I'd save yourself the money if you can, a cheap-ish Pipercross or K&N filter will be easy to swap for your air box.. You could even buy a second hand one off eBay.. And I've got one sitting around if you get desperate!
Please don't go spending obscene amounts of money on a 1.1. It really isn't worth it. As Freddie has already stated, an enclosed filter will dampen the sound. Stick to the induction kit you already have. Save your money for a bigger engine :wink:


106 GTI carbon effect enclosed induction kit

It's not real carbon.
oh ok. cheers for the help!!

yeah i am working full time and stuff, so i aint short of money for a new engine..... its just the insurance!! is madddd!!

so yeah, ill probs just stick with my induction kit i have, but make an aluminium heat shield round it....

thanks for the help again!! all things i can use when i start to upgrade engines and stuff :p
well i have my test booked... so not on the road as yet. but for a standard car, 3rd party F+T its £1100 cheapest.

but really i dunno what my car is worth, (pug 106, 1.1 zest 2 1998 with 47k on the clock)

so i dunno how much extra a VTR would be.... or the insurance difference??? any ideas?
Oh right, stick with the 106 for at least a year or two. Get your NCB, it's really worth it! I don't have any NCB, and got a VTR at 18 on my Dad's insurance.. Now I'm probably going to be stuck with it untill I'm 21!
yeah thats one thing i am doing strait away, starting off NCB, because i can afford to at the moment!!

in a few years time i may have responsibilty!! haha

but any ideas what my car is worth?? its got 47k on the clock, 1998 etc... i have no idea!!
:eek: that sucks!! but oh well i got mine cheap anyway as an insurance write off and repaired it!!

but yeah they seem to make alright money, but not enough for a VTR.... maybe next year!

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