Panel Air Filter For Honda CRV 2004


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Honda CR-V 2004
Hello, I'm sorry for the novice question but here it goes. On this website I read that replacing a tubular filter with a panel air filter can help improve airflow without being a big mod, maybe trimming the little fins inside to let it lay flat. My question is, assuming I have the process here correct, what size/# panel filter would I use for this? I assume it needs to seal around the sides, so is there more modding required or is there one that fits flat inside?

On the subject of performance, my interest in finding this forum was partly because my CR-V has been having trouble lately going up hills. Mountain roads I should say, but I have been trying to figure out what I can do to fix/help it have more power in this situation. Any insight into that as well would be appreciated. If it's a big enough subject I'll make another thread, but figure it's a general maintenance question not a modding/performance one.

Hi and welcome :)

There has been lots of discussions and arguments about various inlet air filters and IMO most if not all the power increases are in the buyers mind due in part to the change in noise.

May I suggest that you have a compression test and if that is ok then I would have the coils tested and a new set of spark plugs fitted.

Have the fuel injectors ever been cleaned and flow tested as they may be partially blocked and unable to supply the correct amount of fuel to the engine as that will reduce power and performance ?

Has anyone scanned the car with an OBD reader to see if any fault codes are showing as that should be the first thing to be carried out before anything else ?
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You can usually buy a performance panel filter of the same dimensions as the factory filter off the shelf so look out for a kit. Online shops are a good place to start - I don't know what the suppliers are like in Georgia so I'm unable to recommend or direct you further.

Thanks for posting a question and for joining our site, I hope you stick around and enjoy the share of knowledge we have on here.
For anyone curious about my performance issues, I had a faulty knock sensor. Replacing it brought back lots of power. Also changed spark plugs and ran fuel injector cleaner. As for the air filter, I've since smoothed my airbox and gone with a K&N. Cheers!
Please take note that K&N filters lea a lot more dirt into the engine. They can allow you a little more air in the engine when you are driving at 5000 rpm and above, but no difference in normal driving. Standard tests show about 85% efficiency, vs 96% to 99.99% on EOM or top quality filters. Here is an example of how much dirt goes through different efficiencies.dirt quantity filter tubes.png
Is there a middle option between carquest and k&n? Im curious if that test was done with or without the spray coating recharge on the k&n. Not being a fanboy just genuinely curious haha.
How much driving do you do at over 5000 rpm? The stock filter, and equivalents are really accurate for almost all driving. If you want to see whether you would get an improvement, install a restriction gauge on the intake after the filter and accelerate hard to the highest rpm you want. Then read the gauge to see what the maximum restriction reading was. Gasoline engines are unaffected by 20 water column inches of restriction (like sucking on a straw to get water 20 inches high).
I use these gauges, albeit without the graduated reading, to know when to properly change the air filter. This one should retail for $30 or so1612624164521.jpeg

here is a simple one, showing red at 25", time to change the filter.1612624268788.jpeg1612624268788.jpeg
Thanks ive never seen that before. I dont really do much over 5000 just trying to coax some more power out of this cr v. I have not done any engine mods so its probably not starving for air.

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