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All cars look great with a fine coat of paint...but which kind of paint job do you like best? There are so many out there to choose from it makes it difficult, so feel free to name multiple types! :bigsmile:

Personally, I like the look of candy paint, especially in the sunshine! What about you guys and girls?
i sprayed my old bike in candy red did what they said spray it silver as a base coat turned out very good no marks no runs mixed the candy up but some how i got mixed up with thinners and hardner will thinned it down to much and run every were in the end i gave up as it was not dark it was more pink so i sprayed it sliver

but i do like the candy in the sun the paint can make the car or distroy the car one i dont like is the glitter paint is small places fine as i am thinking about doing some of the trans am bits ike it but as a whole car no
I had a corolla with black paint which had sparkly bits in it and it looked stunning when clean. (wasn't often though).

I also like the new chrome paint effects with a blend from dark to light.
After changing my ideas and ditching the candy red idea, I've now decided a pearl white will look better.

We've got a lot of new members since this thread was created...So what do you newbies think? What's your favourite paint on a car?
This is my favourite colour paint....
midnight purple with white alloys, thats my favourite choice of coulors
saw it on a skyline before and ever since held a place in my heart
primera gt was a similar colour to that just not as strong a flip, was called mystic green

i love crystal topaz (tvr tuscan colour) its like a baby blue flipped to gold, had my old vec v6 plenums painted in it.

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