P0046 EWG actuator issues 18 q50


West NC
2018 Infiniti Q50
Having real issues here..
B1 EWG actuator was erratic.. Goes into limp mode..
Was getting no other codes..

Have replaced pass actuator.. now the 2 actuators are still out of sync possibly..

Set pass voltage to 1 volt according to a post i found on infiniti q50 forum..

Max voltages are 4.6 on both actuators fully extended..
D/s is 1.1v fully retracted as far as i can tell..
Pass/s is set to 1v.. fully retracted..

I can only really provide very general troubleshooting advice here my friend, this isn't something I've actually dealt with myself but hopefully it might spark an idea or lead to a solution for you.

The EWG actuators are crucial for controlling turbocharger boost pressure, and if they're not synchronized or functioning correctly, it can lead to performance issues and the limp mode you're experiencing. Here are some steps and considerations to help you troubleshoot and possibly resolve the issue:

Double-Check Installation and Wiring​

  • Ensure Proper Installation: Double-check that both actuators are installed correctly and that there are no mechanical obstructions preventing them from moving freely.
  • Inspect Wiring Connections: Verify that all wiring connections to the actuators are secure and free from corrosion or damage. A poor or intermittent connection could cause erratic behavior.


  • Calibration Process: The process you've followed to set the voltage seems to be on the right track, but it's essential that both actuators are calibrated to work in sync. This might require resetting both actuators to a known position and then adjusting them to ensure they operate in harmony throughout their range.
  • Consult Infiniti Service Manual: The specific voltages you've mentioned (1 volt for passive side fully retracted and 4.6 volts for both fully extended) should ideally be verified against the Infiniti service manual or technical bulletins for your model. These documents often contain the most accurate information for calibration and troubleshooting.

Check for Software Updates​

  • ECU Software Update: Check with an Infiniti dealer or a specialized repair shop to see if there are any updates available for your vehicle's ECU software. Manufacturers occasionally release updates that can resolve odd or erratic behavior in vehicle systems, including turbo actuator synchronization issues.
If the issue persists, it might be best to consult with an Infiniti specialist or a dealership the cost involved will be outweighed by the time saved because they have the specific tools, software, and expertise to diagnose and correct issues that might be beyond the scope of DIY fixes and the usual trial and error approach.

Please continue to share your issue and findings here so we can all increase our knowledge.
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