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Peugeot 308 THP 200
Hello i have the above engine code on a peugeot 308 thp 200 engine. this is after a complete new timing kit including chain , vanos/crank sprockets. the timing is bang on and been double checked yet the code is causing the engine to go into limp mode. Anyone have any ideas what else to do, at wits end !
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That is as far as I can recall, connected with the O2/air sensor I beleive. Has a wire to the sensor been knocked or split during this work? Are you getting any readings from this sensor at all?
Yes always reset, the ECU gets used to the old sensor readings and complains if it suddenly changes.

I've heard of faults popping up after a MAF (air sensor) was cleaned, just because the ECU had adjusted to a dirty MAF sensor.

0 volts doesn't sound right at all to me is it broken? It should be between 0.10 to 0.90 and in some cases 1volt.
changed o2 sensor and new plugs pulls better and no smoking, still anti poll coming on with P0016 but haven’t reset adaptations yet and coming up as a pending fault not stored which is promising, fingers crossed lol
This might help

They are usually at the top on the right, some models have 2 knock sensors though.
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