Order you do things in


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2002 Clio 172
Does it matter what order you do things in when you modify a car?

I guess as long as the remap comes last you are ok?
personally i think getting the breathing of the car sorted is always a first for me so a full exhaust system from manifold back and either a panel filter or enclosed induction kit is top of the list then get the car mapped to suit the changes and go from there
As Blunty says really ^^ I've always done the breathing first with my cars. But it just so happens when doing it to a Vauxhall V6, you need to spend more to get more out of them. Exhaust, filter and remap usually isn't enough for these engines so like i've done Exhaust, Filter, Gas flowed Heads, Uprated manifolds and downpipes/headers, Enlarged Throttle Body, Smoothed Inlet piping then a Remap.
As said, exhaust, induction then a remap to get the most gains from improved breathing. However the remap coming will depend on what other mods you have inmind.
for the yanks chrome everything and keep it polished and thats it
for my landrover
come in tyres, cb, 2in lift, more lights, laptop holder, snokel , then a few bits the trees broke lol
but next is brake lines

then welding it up to pass a mot if nothing else brakes

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