Options with a 3lt V6?


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Hi all

Well, it's now 2011. As such I, my Dad and Little Bro have decided that we should spend more time together, as in 2010 we didn't see much of each other. We decided to undertake a project. Since we all like cars, it seemed pretty obvious what to do, 'get a car and make it better/faster'.

The first challenge was to pick a car. After some discussion I think we have picked the Peugeot 406 coupe. Not got this yet, but currently looking for one. 3ltr V6.

Dad and Bro want this one because there are some guys somewhere in England that sell body kits that make it look like a Ferrari. I'm a tad sceptical of this; I mean why have a car that looks like a Ferrari but going to get smoked at the lights by someone in a GTI golf.

I'm happy for them to modify the body to look like a fezza, as long as we modify the performance. I understand that we won't get the car to perform like a F430, but we can try.

Any comments/advise would be greatly appreciated. Any one out there who has modded these cars before or knows how to please get in touch.

I thought it could be possible to get around 300bhp from the engine with a bit of work. If more is available all the better.

To get the additional performance i thought the first thing we could do is to remove things like the back seats and replace the front with Recaro. This should strip a fair bit of weight from the car. If possible fit strut braces across the engine bay and in the back. (similar to the Nissan 350Z)

Other things would be modify the exhaust system, not sure how mental I could go with this. I mean do we look to see if we can get a better manifold??? What size of exhaust should we look into and material it’s made from?

Upgrading the air intake system shouldn’t be too much of a problem , but, please excuse the naivety here, but is there a intake manifold as well as an exhaust manifold that could be upgraded.
I understand that fitting a turbo or supercharger to this engine can be a bit of a headache due to a high compression rate on the engine as standard. Any advice??
Fitting new suspension as well, was thinking Variant V3 should do the trick.
Here is where this project would become very interesting, 4 wheel drive conversion. Think this is a huge task to undertake as it means finding a suitable transmission and the likes, (thinking the Jaguar might sell suitable parts, if they fit). Also fit a new performance clutch and flywheel.
Brembro brakes should already be fitted to the Pug, but I’m sure there will be an upgrade that can be done, (bigger discs, pads ect)
Finally, does anyone know how legal Nitrous is? Looking to have it fitted to aid overtaking. i.e. travelling from 30 -70 not 0-60.
Any other mods anyone can suggest to perform or avoid, please get in touch


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Hello there mate,

Thats a lot of reading. The 406 is a great starting car.

But personally I would leave to body work standard as it is a good looking car in it's own right without spoiling it with a dodge body kit.

Suspension wise the KW variant series of suspension is some very high quality stuff but I'd advise for the road to use the Variant 2 rather than the 3 as it is really not nessecary and is really only for track days and the like.

getting 300 hp should be easy from the 3.0 v6, look up dp engineering, the specialise in turbo conversions for all PSA cars.


Nitrous Oxide is road legal in the UK so no worries there,

Jag parts wont fit unless you use a jag 3.0 ltr engine.

all in all you should end up with an awesome car in the end,


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