Opel corsa c engine swap


Opel corsa c 1,2
Hi all
I have a blue opel corsa c 1,2 with 260.000km on the clock
and thinking swaping a bigger engine lets say from
Corca opc 1,6 t.
I dont want a 2,0 because my car is daily drive and as a second
car i want low fuel concumption. Whats included in that swap?
I will change and the gear box also.
The engine mounts have to be fabricated by my self?
Wheel axles i weel use from 1,6 or mine?
And as for the wiring whats involved i think doing it my self.
Thanks in advance


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Howdo. If you mean the 1.6T from the Corsa D I'd imagine that would be quite hard, they're a completely different car really so you'd need to change engine, mounting, gearbox/driveshafts, brakes and brake piping, ECU, perhaps bonnet and front wings if the engine is too big for a C, wiring into the cabin, speedo/rev counter. In fact the whole facia and clocks really cos the inputs from a C will be completely different. Plus loads of other stuff I imagine. Fuel lines probably.

Oh and you'd have to find space for the intercooler and piping somewhere too.

You'd have a much easier time sticking the 1.8 from a Corsa C/Zafira A/Astra G/Vectra C in there. Probably easier to find as well. It'd give you twice the horsepower of the 1.2, around 110/115bhp.

I believe the Opel 2.0 from the Zafira/Astra/Vectra can be put in a Corsa C too, which is around 140bhp.
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