Only runs 15s


Fife Scotland
3500cc v8 xr2
Iv got a rover v8 engine from a Tvr 350i (220hp)with a Holley carb auto gearbox from a rover v8 350i driving a back axil from a mrk 1 ford escort 1300 is the final drive ratio way out or do I just need more power. This is all wrapped up in a ford fiesta xr2.

well somthing isnt right... had the engine on the dyno?

my clio has done 14.2's all day long, expecting 13.'s with the throttle bodies <under 200bhp>

Weight of car?
gearbox ratios?
Final drive (diff) ratio?
Wheel/tyre size?
Torque (lb/ft?

Standard Fiesta 1.6 will do around 17secs @ 78mph

Simply fitting a 220bhp lump into it, using orignal box and diff and total weight as original, will achieve around 14 sec @100mph.

Drag racing isn't as simple or as easy as people think :)
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Don't know how long the dog bone Esky 1300 diff has lasted this long.
Properly tuned it has the potential to be a weapon.
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