On the dyno next week


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2019 Ford Fiesta ST
Next week, I'm off to the dyno. I know the owner, I used to test at his old shop Akron Horsepower 10 years ago, now he has a shop in N. Canton called Race Mod. I will be making an appointment next Monday for later in the week. What I plan on doing is getting a base line with the Dizzy tune, then as I add mods update tune then hitting the dyno after each mod to see what it adds or subtracts to the power. I will be posting the results in my build thread. If you have any requests, I will try to accommodate.

The parts I have waiting for install are as follows, Thermal R&D 3"(waiting for delivery), cp-e Ram Air (waiting for delivery), Whoosh hot side, cp-e cold side, Bravo Alfa intercooler, Bravo Alfa fuel pump, HKS BOV, Mishimoto catted down pipe, Garret GT2554r, Pumaspeed quick spool exhaust manifold.

I'm going to install the parts easiest to hardest. The exhaust and intake order of install will depend on which gets here first. I plan on doing the down pipe and exhaust as a unit. Then hot side, cold side, HKS and intercooler as a unit, AEM meth kit, All this leading up to the Garret and Puma. That will lead up to bigger injectors (once we get the data on the Jags), up rated HP fuel pump (also going to test the Jag pump on this), Brava Alpha LP fuel pump, then AUX fuel.

Thats it, open to suggestions, thoughts, opinions and ideas
Sounds like a well thought out plan much like what was done to my previous car.
I am unfamiliar with the various brands you mention but I can tell you from personal experience that a larger diameter mandrel bent exhaust will add around 20% more power depending on how restrictive the factory system is.
If you are going to fit a 3 inch system if there is enough space go even bigger with the dump pipe fron the turbine to where it meets the rest of the system under the floor.

I would also recommend that you have the turbine housing along with the dump pipe ceramic coated to help contain the heat for a better result.
Does your phone take HD video (1920x1080) I'd love some video of a dyno run, the car wheels spinning, the dyno machine results and the engine revving - that sort of thing would be very useful video footage for our channel.

You can send large files to me via wetransfer easily. I'm on the lookout for interesting footage that can't easily be obtained.

I'm interested to hear your results with all of that installed it sounds like you are making a beast.

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