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Old vs New

Discussion in 'General car Chat' started by obi_waynne, 6 August 2018.

  1. obi_waynne

    obi_waynne Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Deal, Kent UK
    A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
    What do you see as the benefits of owning and Old car verses a New one?

    Are there pros and cons for each?

    Here are my thoughts, but you may well totally disagree, so please post up your views..

    Old cars,
    Hold value better
    Cheaper to buy
    Less reliable
    Large choice of upgrade parts

    New cars
    Cheaper to run
    Less parts available for tuning up
    More expensive to buy
    With an older car you can make your tuning budget go further, but you'll probably find things break more easily.

    What do you prefer when buying, a newer car or an older one?

    TCJBOLDIE Torque King

    JB Starion
    Obi San old cars are like old men they need lots of TLC <B to keep them at peak performance ;) :lol:

    Old cars are more involving as they lack all of the electronic nannies that help keep the average motorist safe and possibly lead them to think that they are better drivers than they actually are.

    That said I would love to have something like say a M3 or Audi TTRS or an AMG of some sort in my man cave when my turn to win Lotto finally arrives :)
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  3. JalbKay

    JalbKay Full member

    Townsville, AU
    MX5 NC 2.5L SC
    I'd have to break that down a bit further...
    Veteran & Edwardian, manufactured prior to December 31st 1918.
    Vintage, manufactured between January 1st 1919 and December 31st 1930.
    Post Vintage, manufactured between January 1st 1931 and December 31st 1949.
    Classic Acceptance, manufactured between January 1st 1950 and December 31st 1969.
    Modern Classic, manufactured between January 1st 1970 and December 31st 1989.

    I wouldn't even look at Post Vintage or older and would only really care for something in the last 4-5 years of the Classic era but prior to my current Mazda my 'fun' was 74-76 Holden Toranas, having had 4 of them at different stages.

    What do we consider old? Anything over 5, 10 years? My car is '06 and most would consider it old but other than the newer radars, adaptive cruise control and lane departure stuff it's still got the electronics that get very expensive very quickly when they stop working. Having said that, I've owned it from new and I know it intimately and learning more about it as it ages, Servicing costs are parts and lubricants only compared to what dealerships charge for new cars so it's old for me ;) I do like my wife's '18 Subaru though and it's our road trip car because my car's modifications seem to have affected the fuel economy :D
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