Ok new wheels are here....

Few rubbish phone pics.







Looks fantastic TN. Bold decision going for white but i'm sure you'll love it. The wheels go really well on it. How long until you get it mapped?
A good run in would definatly be best. But i'm sure 1000 miles will just roll by in the next few weeks.
TN is probably still driving around town in his new chariot, I think we will hear from him again a week on Tuesday once the novelty has worn off :lol:
Nice looking VX, funny how white is the 'in' colour these days, white used to be the poverty spec colour with every other colour a cost option.
Yeah I thought that too. :lol:
I wanted a change from black and I didn't like any of the other colour options.
Glad I had white now as I think it looks great and the anthracite wheels really suit it imo.
I'd like my ZS to be white, very rare. I've had a few white cars over the years and always liked it. Best one was my V6 Calibra with then OE black alloys then OZ alloys, looked good.

Only reason I didn't go white on the Picasso was the only ones on the road were private ambulances.
Looks good bud! How comes you didn't opt for the VXR line? Was fuel economy the main concern? It does look really nice in white, and I love the spoiler!
Very nice TN, you must be cursing all this rain we have been having recently messing up your baby's good looks ;)
Tell me about it. Today was her first wash and it rained 10 minutes later. :blink::mad::mad::mad:

Sods law! :sad2: It's more infuriating as your baby is so new and still has the cosseted wrapped in a quilt stored in a centrally heated garage phase to go through yet! :lol:
Oh they look lush in white. Had one pass me earlier in Kingston and it was such a nice thing to pass compared with most of the rubbish driving past. Nice one TN mate.
Well I picked it up last week and a day later noticed a clicking noise coming from the front drivers side wheel area. :mad:
So had it booked in today and to my surprise they've fixed it.
But they are still refusing to fit the front parking sensors although the car war originally advertised with them fitted and the fact I know someone else who has them fitted to the same car.
So with all the hassle i've had i've told motability I want the car swapping.

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